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Acoma Press exists to make Jesus non-ignorable by equipping and encouraging churches through gospel-centered resources.

Toward this end, each purchase of an Acoma Press resource serves to catalyze disciple-making and to equip leaders in God’s Church. In fact, a portion of your purchase goes directly to funding planting and replanting efforts in North America and beyond.

Below you will find some of our current resources, including links to where you may purchase them and a free download of the book Raising Up Replanters. We hope that these resources help you and your church to make Jesus non-ignorable not only in your community but to the ends of the earth.

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Am I A Replanter?
by Mark Hallock and Bob Bickford

Is God calling you to replant a dying church? God is raising up leaders across North America for the difficult work of replanting struggling, declining churches for his glory. How can you be confident that you are one of these? Over the course of 30 days, Bob Bickford and Mark Hallock will lead you to explore the work of a replanting pastor. And, each day of this journey is designed to help you humbly and honestly discern whether this challenging yet God-honoring ministry is for you. While God isn’t calling every pastor to be a replanter, He is calling some. He might be calling you.


God's Not Done with Your Church: Finding Hope and New Life through Replanting
by Mark Hallock

Is there still hope for our church? Many churches in North America are struggling to survive, and many don't know where to turn or what hope they have left. This book is for these churches. God's Not Done with Your Church will give you a vision of what God can and is doing through declining and dying churches. It not only offers a lifeline of encouragement but a strategic pathway toward new life, specifically through the ministry of church replanting. You may be exhausted and more than a little beat up, but God hasn't given up on his church...You shouldn't either.


Pathways To Partnership: How You and Your Church Can Join the Replanting Movement
by Mark Hallock and Bob Bickford

We serve a mighty God. A kind, gracious and merciful Lord. And the truth is, our God has not given up on many declining and struggling churches that many of us would have given up on a long time ago. He loves these churches and receives much glory when bringing them back to life and vibrancy. And the amazing thing is that He invites us to be a part of it! The Lord is calling us as His people, as partners in the Gospel, to lock arms and fight, by His Spirit, to stop the trend of dying churches in our communities together.

In the pages that follow you’ll find biblical evidence for church partnerships, practical instruction on how to partner, the commitments required of partners and cautions that could hinder partnerships.


Raising Up Replanters: A Start-Up Guide for Your Church
by Mark Hallock

God wants your church to raise up replanters. Strong, humble, visionary yet convictional leaders can be tough to find, yet the need for these types of leaders is greater than ever. As record numbers of congregations close their doors across the United States, we are reminded of the leadership crisis in which we find ourselves. We need pastors who can lead healthy change in a declining church with passionate vision and a shepherd’s heart. Where can we find replanters like this? Your church.

In Raising Up Replanters, Mark Hallock will help you begin to think through the “why’s” and “how’s” of developing a replanting residency in your congregation, regardless of size. The need for raising up church replanters is greater than ever. Will you be part of raising up a new generation of replanters?



Replant 101
by Mark Hallock

Join the Replanting Movement. God has begun a movement in which declining and dying churches throughout North America are finding new life and vitality, Churches which once lacked hope, even a pulse, are not only being spared death but are even becoming outposts of revitalization themselves. How? By mobilizing individuals and churches around the country behind this shared purpose. In this companion guide to Replant Roadmap, Mark Hallock will introduce you to the vital work of church replanting and invite you and your church to play a key role in this growing movement. God is in the business of bringing dying churches back to life. He always has been. Will you join him in this work?


Replant Roadmap: How Your Church Can Help Revitalize Dying Churches
by Mark Hallock

We need a replanting movement. A movement where God uses ordinary pastors, church leaders, and lay people to bring declining and dying churches back to life. A movement where churches which once lacked a hope, even a pulse, become outposts of replanting themselves. A movement that mobilizes God’s people behind this shared purpose for God's glory. A movement where God does what only He can do. We need a replanting movement.

In Replant Roadmap, Mark Hallock will help you begin to think through the “why’s” and “how’s” of replanting dying congregations, helping them to experience renewed hope and revitalization. The need for replanting healthy, gospel-centered churches is greater than ever. What role will you and your church play?


The Underdog Church-Planter: Being a 1-Star Planter in a 5-Star World

A celebrity culture, like ours, draws attention to big personalities, to massive ambitions, to “world-changing” strategies. Unfortunately, the same has been true in the church and the world of church planting. This raises some questions: What about the majority of church planters who belong to the normal? What about the ordinary? Is there a place for that guy?

The Underdog Church-Planter takes on these questions. Each author is an underdog pastor speaking to underdog pastors, who plant and replant for God's glory and not their own. Looking to the Bible and offering practical counsel, they remind us all that personality, pedigree, charisma, and talent (or lack thereof) hardly limit God's work. Instead, there is real hope for God to do what He has always done—to use weak and humble underdogs to display His glory.

Whether readers are questioning calling, hungry for change, or suffering skepticism, this book turns attention from fading celebrity to a King beyond compare. It is written that the Church would find freedom in confessing, “We are not enough, but Jesus is.”


  • Mark Hallock (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church Englewood)
  • Steve Anderson (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church Englewood)
  • Al Barrera (Elder - Calvary Church Denver; Church Planting Catalyst - Denver, North American Mission Board)
  • Dan Freng (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church Littleton)
  • Kevin Hasenack (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church Denver)
  • Jeff Jung (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church Restoration) 
  • Jim Misloski (Elder - Calvary Church Englewood; Director of Missions, Colorado Baptist Convention)
  • Fabian Perea (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church en Español)
  • Evan Skelton (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church Denver)
  • Matt Whitt (Pastor/Elder - Calvary Church La Junta)


Welcome To The Family: An Introduction to Life and Mission at Calvary Church
edited by Mark Hallock

The Calvary Family of Churches was founded in 2015 as an interdependent network of church planting and church replanting churches. Over the past 5 years, it has grown to be a church network of over 15 congregations, with more churches joining each year across Colorado and surrounding states.
Welcome to the Family is an insider’s look into the Calvary Family of Churches (CFC) – its core values and doctrines are on full display as multiple authors ranging from church pastors and members to planters and replanters come together to form a united vision for the church. Readers will find the contents to be thought provoking and informative, helping those curious about the CFC to understand (and perhaps join) the vision and hope of the movement.


To make Jesus Christ non-ignorable in Denver and to the ends of the earth.