Calvary Parkside Launch

On Sunday March 12th, Parkside Fellowship (formerly First Baptist Church Beaverton) turned a page in its storied history as a deeply entrenched SBC church serving the Portland, Oregon area and launched a new chapter as a Calvary Family of Churches Legacy Replant. We are now known as Calvary Parkside, building upon the legacy of ministry and missions that has previously existed, yet now with a new vision, a new name, and a new strategy for reaching our community with the Gospel.

Since our launch we have seen God at work both within our church family and in our community. Our congregation has a renewed passion for investing, inviting, and introducing family members, friends, and neighbors to the Gospel of Jesus. For the first time in several years, they are inviting people to church and come each Sunday, expecting God to bring guests to our Sunday service. Just last Sunday, we experienced a Sunday morning attendance number that we had not seen since the fall of 2021!

Also, we have people that are driving by our church campus, seeing our new church sign, checking out our website, and showing up on Sunday to see what Calvary Parkside is all about. I recently received this email from the executive assistant to the principal of our local high school. She wrote, “I saw the new sign in front of your building and checked out your website…sounds like an exciting opportunity.” She is not a Christian and does not attend church…God is moving!

Please pray for Calvary Parkside as we continue to move forward to make Jesus non-ignorable in Beaverton and to the ends of the earth.