Calvary is a new church starting in south Commerce City.

We have a heart for our community and our desire is to glorify God by making joyful, passionate disciples of Jesus. As a church, we don’t strive to be perfect or impressive, but we do seek to point people to the one who is: Jesus.
He is central to why we exist and gather, and how we live our lives.


Why south Commerce City?

The Denver-metro area is a growing and changing rapidly, and while, by God’s grace, new churches have filled the newly developing suburbs and the trendier Denver neighborhoods that surround us, south Commerce City has to a large extent been overlooked in many ways. On top of the many economic and social challenges in our community, there is also a great spiritual need here. And while there are many who see south Commerce City as an area to avoid, we have a desire to engage our community with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that Commerce City is filled with beautiful people who are made in the image of God, and these people need to know the love of Jesus.

Our desire is that, by God’s grace, over time Calvary would become a part of the fabric of this community, and that as we labor toward the flourishing of our neighbors, Jesus would be made non-ignorable here in Commerce City and beyond. 

Our Four Core Commitments:

  1. Worship God Passionately
  2. Connect with One-Another Authentically
  3. Grow to Know God Deeply
  4. Go, Show, and Tell the Gospel Boldly


What is a “church plant?”

Oftentimes, new churches are referred to as “church plants.” And just like all plants, new life starts out small with just a tiny seed. Currently our church is that tiny seed being planted in the soil here in Commerce City. Over time, our prayer is that by God’s grace this tiny seed would grow to be a strong and healthy tree with roots that reach deeply into the earth. We believe that God will build his church as we make much of Jesus, love our neighbors, and invite others into what God is doing in our community.


Join Us!

We are currently meeting as a core team on Wednesday nights from 6:15–7:45 to share a meal and to study the Bible together, and we hope to start a Sunday service in the near future.

If you would like to visit us on a Wednesday, or more information please email Ricardo.

No matter what your background is, we would love to have you join us.