The Calvary Family of Churches was formed in 2015 as Calvary Englewood was in the beginning stages of planting churches around the Denver area. As the pastors and planters were meeting together and strategizing for the multiplication of churches in the Denver Metro area, God led them to form this organization. As they reviewed church planting history, as well as looked closely at the amount of finances, human resources, time and other contributions they were giving towards supporting a church plant, they realized the need for a new way to support these new church plants. At the same time, there are many churches in decline, asking for healthy churches to come alongside them to assist them in revitalization efforts, so the pastors began to pray and talk about what it would look like to come alongside to help them.

Churches that are a part of the CFC share:

Common Family Doctrine

Common Family Traits

Common Family Core Commitments

Common Family Affiliations

Planting & Revitalization

Church Plants

Church Revitalizations/Replants

Non-CFC Churches

Consultations & Resources

There are often churches that won’t become an official member of the Calvary Family of Churches, but that we strive to help in various ways. Churches and pastors are welcome to contact us for assistance, consultations and advisory help to see if the CFC can assist them in ministry in any ways. The Calvary Family of Churches also provides many books and resources for churches – contact us to find out how you can get these resources!