The mission to plant the gospel and to plant churches began in the heart of God.

Jesus planted Himself among us, to make God known in a non-ignorable way, so that all who believe in Him will be saved from their sin and become children of God.

When we think about church planting, we have to recognize that fundamentally, this is God’s deal, not our deal – we are simply following the pattern of God. What a calling. What a joy. What a challenge. What a privilege to be part of God’s church planting movement throughout the world.

Here you will find resources to help encourage and equip you in this vital ministry of church planting.

Church Planting Books

Whether planters are questioning their calling, hungry for change, or suffering skepticism, The Underdog Church Planter on Acoma Press turns attention from fading celebrity to a King beyond compare.
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A celebrity culture, like ours, draws attention to big personalities, to massive ambitions, to “world-changing” strategies. Unfortunately, the same has been true in the church and the world of church planting. This raises some questions: What about the majority of church planters who belong to the normal? What about the ordinary? Is there a place for that guy?

The Underdog Church-Planter takes on these questions. Each author is an underdog pastor speaking to underdog pastors, who plant and replant for God’s glory and not their own. Looking to the Bible and offering practical counsel, they remind us all that personality, pedigree, charisma, and talent (or lack thereof) hardly limit God’s work. Instead, there is real hope for God to do what He has always done—to use weak and humble underdogs to display His glory.

Whether readers are questioning calling, hungry for change, or suffering skepticism, this book turns attention from fading celebrity to a King beyond compare. It is written that the Church would find freedom in confessing, “We are not enough, but Jesus is.”

Church Planting with the CFC

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