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Community Group Starts Soon!

At Calvary, we exist to make Jesus non-ignorable in Denver and to the ends of the Earth. We’re excited to share that we now have a new Calvary Church in Monument!

Monument, Colorado is a thriving community between Denver and Colorado Springs with a growing hunger for the gospel. A small Bible study of students has grown into a community group of their families longing for a church that seeks to make Jesus non-ignorable in Monument!

At Calvary, we believe God can and does transform communities like this, bringing them from spiritual death to life, like a withered, dying plant nurtured back to health. And we believe this kind of transformative, true gospel growth occurs not when we have loud music, smoke machines, or nice new buildings, but when we provide the plant with the basics needed for health. . . good soil, fresh water and sunlight. It takes people who love the plant radically to help plant it in a way that is healthy from the beginning.

We are in desperate need now of people like this! People that will love the community of Monument through this new church being planted. Calvary Church Monument needs your prayers and potentially your involvement. We would love to hear from you if you are being led to be a part of this church’s new core team. We would love to visit in more detail about how good soil, water and sunlight translates to bringing a community from death to life. If you would like to visit, just connect with us through email to set up a time to talk.

Calvary Church Monument meets for worship on Saturday nights at 6:00pm. We meet at Trinity Lutheran Church, 17750 Knollwood Drive in Monument. You can learn more about Calvary Church by visiting our website and stay up to date with Calvary Monument by following us on social media: Facebook.

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To make Jesus Christ non-ignorable in Denver and to the ends of the earth.