Calvary New City is an upcoming church plant in the East Colfax neighborhood of Denver.


About North Aurora and East Colfax

Our neighborhood is filled with stories of violence, abuse, addiction, human trafficking, the list goes on. What breaks us is the lack of gospel witness here. On top of the brokenness, our zip code 80010 is the most diverse in the state, and is home to a host of immigrants and refugees….the world is literally at our doorstep. Ours is a neighborhood populated by those pushed to the margins, the vulnerable, the voiceless, the poor. So we go, boldly, to show and tell the gospel of Jesus and make disciples who make Him known.

There are ~375,000 people in all of Aurora, and our neighborhood along East Colfax is roughly 48,000 and rising. The Universtiy of Colorado Medical campus continues to grow, thus creating jobs and drawing more people to the area. Of the people here, half have no religious affiliation, and the other half is a mix of Islam, Buddhism, Catholic, & Protestant. In terms of specifically evangelical who are in a local church, that number hovers at about 10%.

What we have found however is that nearly everyone we meet is open to talking about anything spiritual, will listen and ask questions about Jesus and the gospel. As Jesus said, the fields are white with harvest! People have told us that we live on the worst stretch of Colfax and for that we are grateful, because that is where Jesus would be. So we follow Him among the addicted, the homeless, the refugee, the lonely, and get to proclaim the hope of the gospel in the hardest part of the Denver Metro Area.

A Story from the Street

We showed up on a dark April night at the motel along East Colfax, a stretch of pavement that is home to many that have been pushed to the margins of society. The manager, Maria, came out of her office with fear in her eyes, shaking, asking us to come inside. She told us through tears and a spanish accent that a man had brought a gun to her daughter’s middle school. Even more, the whole city was on lock down because of a Columbine copy cat threat. Maria had lost her husband to gun violence on this very street some years earlier. As she shared, we asked “How can we help you, Maria?” She answered “All I need is for you to pray, because when you show up and pray, my life begins to line up.” That is the power of Jesus, the light in darkness!


Matt and Kayla Horne

Matt and Kayla hail from Casper, WY and met in 2009. Matt had just finished his Master’s in Architecture while Kayla was working on her degree from Moody Bible Institute. After getting married, we moved to Uganda where Matt served as a construction manager, working to disciple local tradesmen while building for other missionairies. It was there that we both got a burden to move back home to the western US where the gospel is by and large missing. Matt completed his M.Div at SEBTS, and both of us experienced a sort of gospel renewal that propelled us into a call to church planting.

Upon moving to Denver, God led them to East Colfax in Aurora and immediately they knew this was precisely where God was calling them. Matt is bi-vocational doing community development and leadership. God has uniquely equiped us to live in a multi-cultural context where doing gospel-centered ministry must be accompanied by acts of justice and service.

We have five children: Micah, Julia, Elliot, Amelia, and Scarlet. As a family, we enjoy rock climbing, spending time in the community, and going on trips in our big van. It is a joy to make Jesus non-ignorable as a family!



Currently, Calvary New City meets in homes around the community. You are invited to come share a meal with us, open the Word and pray with us. Check back for more information about gatherings, outreach’s, and community events.

If you have questions or are interested in joining us, email Matt Horne.
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