Making Jesus Non-Ignorable in Northglenn, Colorado

Calvary Northglenn, formally First Southern Baptist Church of Northglenn, is located near 104th and I-25 in North Denver. The members of the church recently agreed to be replanted by the Calvary Family of Churches in order to continue to be a presence for the gospel in its community.

What is replanting?

Think of it like this … you were given a plant that was beautiful! Everyone that came to your house complimented you on its size, health, and vibrance. The plant’s fragrance was breath-taking. One day, however, you noticed the plant was changing. Its leaves were turning pale yellow and the plant looked slightly withered. You hadn’t forgotten to water it. Maybe someone else watered it too much? Maybe it is not getting enough light? You love this plant and you will do whatever it takes to save it! If you do not act now it is going to die!

Quickly you get the plant into a pot where you can get back to the basics. You get good soil in the pot with some quality nutrients. All you need now is ample sunshine and water. Deep green color starts to return to the leaves and its strength starts to return. It took time, but it is coming back to health and vitality!

Now replace the flower in a pot with a church in a community. This is “replanting.” There is nothing about a dying church that brings glory to God! As Christians, we need to lock arms and fight to stop the trend of in our communities of churches dying.

The Calvary Family of Churches is passionate about replanting! We are committed to building off the legacy of a church like First Southern Baptist Church of Northglenn and seeing God do an amazing work through His church in the Northglenn community!

In the analogy above regarding the plant, you did not hear that it took loud music, smoke machines or a cool new building to make the plant come back to life. It was getting back to the basics of what the plant needed for health: good soil, fresh water and sunshine. It took a person that loves radically and sacrificially to save the plant.

Meet our pastor

Calvary Northglenn
Kevin and his wife Laura are excited to begin serving in Colorado soon. Laura is holding baby Valerie, and Caleb and Grace are standing in front of Kevin.

Kevin Hanly plans to begin as the lead pastor of Calvary Northglenn on June 3. 


My name is Kevin Hanly and I am so excited to join the congregation as a pastor/elder of Calvary Northglenn.

Despite having lived on the East Coast (Boston, Maryland and now New Jersey) for the past 20 years, I’m a Rocky Mountain kid through and through!

I was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming, and attended college there at the University of Wyoming. I grew up attending First Baptist Church of Laramie where, after coming to know the Lord at the age of 12, I was baptized. After finishing seminary education at schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey, I accepted a call as a worship pastor for a non-denominational church in Annapolis, Maryland. It was a great church with great people, and the best part is I met my wife, Laura, there!

After getting married in 2009, Laura and I moved to River Vale, N.J. as I accepted a call to pastor River Vale Community Church where we have been blessed to serve with a wonderful church family for the past 11 years.

God has graciously given us three amazing children – Grace, 8; Caleb, 7; and Valerie, 18 months. I love to listen to live music and go mountain biking with Laura, go on bike rides with Grace, play football with Caleb and sing and dance to “The Wheels On The Bus” with Valerie!

I also love to read, play music and write songs. But mostly I am absolutely passionate about the gospel and the hope that is available in Jesus Christ! I cannot wait to partner with Calvary Northglenn in bringing the gospel to the community and making Jesus non-ignorable!

What Now?

During this transition time in the life of our church we are continuing to worship at 9 a.m. on Sundays.

Sunday service

9 a.m.

Address & contact

10620 Washington St.
Northglenn, CO 80233